Digital Marketing Executive

Promote business brand with digital chanles

Job Role / Assigned work

Digital Marketing Planning

Take care of all company website for optimization to perform best conversion and Management of all campaign. Both Organic & Paid Campaign.


Build quality link with in different Off-Page Strategy. Like - Quality Link Building, Social Bookmarking, Profile Building, Blogs commenting, Forum Submission.

YouTube Marketing

Optimization of Company YouTube Channel and make right platform for engaging users to product videos and SEO of the video and set-up YouTube Setting.

On-Page SEO

Build a strong performance site that give higher conversion with optimization visitor behavior and build an user-friendly platform.

Social Media Handles

Take care of all Social Handles and Engage customer with different Media post and Link and Generate Link with Social Handles & run Paid Campaign.

E-Commerce Campaign

Take care of All KPI's of Hosted E-commerce Portal (Amazon, Flipkart, GEM, Alibaba, and Souq). Research and run Campaign on Amazon.

Work Handled and Performance

Progress of work and made changes

First I have learned about the organisation product and services and understand of the persona of company product and services. And take care of all duties given by manager. After 1 months when Manager Left his Job, then Take care of all responsibility of Digital Marketing and other online tasks of the organization like take care of all E-commerce Portal, Manage NowFloat, Campaign Performance of third party, running through the organization.

Optimizing of Organization's Websites

It had Four main website of the organization, where we were taking care of three main website for complete optimization and user behavior tracking. 

This was an general business website and after discussing with the organization I got it converted into corporate site. 

This is basically a product brand website where organization take care of different category of telecom products 

This is an single page website that built to target a single product of the organization named Star FFS 9000

This was generally designed to target fusion splicer machine that organization assemble in India. With this all this website had different competitor’s products and also did not design a user friendly website. I have studied this all website and made changes to make better for users and give CTA to convert users in leads. 

As in begging I found there was no management of leads from site and other digital channels then I managed all leads to right direction.  After making changes organization received good amount of leads. is an product brand website named Fibershot. Fibershot is an brand name and in this brand company assembles for telecom equipment and tools like OTDR, Power Meter, Light Source, Visual Fault Locator etc and this website was good for user but lack of CTA on Landing Pages. I managed this website and also take care of more conversion with current traffic ratios. 

Monthly Perpormance

FFS9000 is a product name of star brand. This is first launched fusion splicing machine of the organization that was assembled in India. is a single page website what mainly focused to target audience of Fusion Splicer (Splicing Machine). This website was simple and good for user but it had high website load time. After the view this issue I ask to the make change to the developer. Now I has completely changes and performing best. 

Monthly Performance Result

Social Media Plan & Manage

To engage user to our brand and product we connect with the niche audience with most popular social handles. In social media handles, Abhishek Sharma (Graphic Designer) provided me attractive graphics post. 

Facebook Performance

As company had different Facebook Page of brand and products, we mainly focus and engage users with single page. 

LinkedIn Performance

We mostly post in LinkedIn Social handle. And It has less of user retention to our business and products 

Twitter Performance

We generally used to post in twitter and as it was not relevant to our product, such that we get less retention. 

Facebook Management & Progress

Facebook is the most popular social handles and we mostly get engagement of the user from Facebook and also we get good amount of lead with our post and connecting and retention to our relevant users. With Facebook we used to promote at company page, groups, and profile as well sharing with different ID’s.

Organic Performance with fan page

Paid Performance with Page Post & Events

LinkedIn progress

We had the main motive to branding of our product and engage our niche audience with our medias. We also promoted our products and services in LinkedIn.  

LinkedIn Posts

LinkedIn Connections

Twitter progress

We also twitted  in twitter but we get less of retention from the twitter and as it had less relevant users 

Twits on Twitter

Twitter Followers

YouTube Optimization & Marketing

We are familiar with YouTube and also Video Marketing. As there are higher amount of retention we can find at Video other than Image Post and Link Posts. I have also worked at YouTube to boost company branding and awareness of product. In beginning, I found different channel of the Business Products Video. After I built it signal with taking permission of the owner. 

Data comparison

Total No. of View

Total Subscribers

Monthly Chanel Performance

Google Ads campaign Plan & Management

Everyone want to rank on top of the search engine and we are much familiar with Google Search Engine, Where, the Display Network has the ability to reach 90% of Internet users worldwide and includes more than 2 million publisher sites. 

Google Search Ads

Google Search Ads is best Ads Campaign to build higher conversion with relevant search query

Google Display Ads

As Google has more than 2 million publisher site from where we can get higher traffic and help for branding

Video Ads

Video Ads is best Google Ads Campaign where, we can engage and aware relevant usee with Video Ads

Google Search Ads

Today, search engine is playing best role for both who are searching for any query and Publisher who who is providing solution of that queries. As there are to method to rank website on top in First Page that is Organically and Paid. To rank on top of the Search Engine with Organic Method, it take 4 to 6 months to rank a website with lots of efforts. Who wanted to rank on top more quickly they can go with Search Ads, what help you Instant result, precise targeting, relevant search query and higher conversion. 

Google Display Ads

Today, search engine is playing best role for both who are searching for any query and Publisher who who is providing solution of that queries. Apart from this Google has more than 2 millions platform where Advertiser run their ads. It includes Websites, Mobile Apps, and Google Hosted Website (YouTube, Gmail etc.)

Video Ads - Brand Product

Video is higher performing media format that have best retention for branding.